Metal Mesh Curtains

Wire Mesh Belt Curtain uses high-quality stainless steel wire or flat stainless steel wire as raw materials, simple and generous weaving structure, the transparent effect so that it has a broader range of use. In addition, compared with other metal screen partition products, the cost is low and durable and other excellent characteristics.

Wire Mesh Belt Curtain has high strength, consolidation, easy maintenance, strong function, vivid and strong decoration effect, and can play an excellent role in the maintenance of building structures. Its device is simple and convenient, and its shape is special and elegant. Different light, different environments, different intervals, different tones, widely used in building facades, indoor partitions, screens, ceiling, walls, curtains, balconies, and corridors. It has been widely used in high-grade interior and exterior decoration of high-grade office areas, airports, hotels, exhibition halls, opera houses, shopping malls, bars, private residences, etc.

Main Specifications of Wire Mesh Belt Curtain

  • Product Name: Wire Mesh Belt Curtain
  • Material: Stainless steel,brass
  • Dimensions: a: 100 mm; b: 4,5 mm; c: 1 mm. a: 100mm; b:7mm; c: 1,4mm
  • Weight: 1,6 kg/㎡, 2,2 kg/㎡
  • Surface treatment: Degreased, natural, patina over time
  • Width: Max 3000 mm – 4000 mm
  • Open Area: 76%

WMBC-01: Wire Mesh Belt Curtain Drawing

Application Effect

WMBC-02: Wire Mesh Belt Curtain For Hotel

WMBC-03: Wire Mesh Belt Curtain For Hotel

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