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Decorative Wire Mesh

Product Description

Decorative wire mesh is also named Architecture Meshes, Decorative woven mesh, metal fabric, is weaved with high-quality stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, brass wire, copper wire or other alloy materials. It is a new decorative product in the modern industrial and architectural applications. Available in many different patterns, each with its own characteristics and optical effect.

Decorative Wire Mesh

DWM-01:Flat Woven Mesh

Material :AluminumOpen area :17.4%
Warp wire:1.5*7mmWeft wire:1.5*7mm
Warp wire spacing:12mmWeft wire spacing:12mm

Decorative Wire Mesh

DWM-02:Flat Wire Decorative Mesh

Material :Stainless steelOpen area :66.2%
Warp wire:1*2.5mmWeft wire:1z*2.5mm
Warp wire spacing:24mmWeft wire spacing:24mm

Decorative Wire Mesh

DWM-03:Diamond Woven Mesh

Material :Stainless steelOpen area :42.2%
Warp wire:1.5*3.5mmWeft wire:1.5*3.5mm
Warp wire spacing:10mmWeft wire spacing:10mm

Decorative Wire Mesh

DWM-04:Partition Woven Mesh

Material :Stainless steelOpen area :43%
Warp wire:1.2mm*2Weft wire:2mm
Warp wire spacing:17.5mmWeft wire spacing:3.8mm

Decorative Wire Mesh

DWM-05:Wall Metal Mesh

Material :Stainless steelOpen area :31%
Warp wire:1.2mm*2Weft wire:2mm
Warp wire spacing:22.5mmWeft wire spacing:5mm

Decorative Wire Mesh

DWM-06:Protective Steel Wire Mesh

Material :Stainless steelRope distance:2.5mm-80mm
Rod diameter:0.5mm-3mmRod spacing:1.6mm-11mm

Decorative Wire Mesh

DWM-07:Architectural Mesh Facades

Material :Stainless steelWarp Diameter: 1.2mm x 2
Weight:6.44kg/㎡Warp Pitch:17.5mm
Weft Diameter:2mmWeft Pitch:6mm


Due to their multiple functional and aesthetic qualities, the decorative wire mesh is suitable for various applications In architecture and interior design, metal fabrics are used for decoration as:

Wire mesh facades;

Shade screens;

Architecture ceilings;

Metal draperies for walls, partition and isolation screens;

Staircases isolation screen, elevator cabins screen;

Floor covering fabric