Metal Mesh Curtains

In industrial production, there is a lot of waste. However, expanded metal solves the problem well. It is more economical because porous metal sheets are made by cutting and stretching metal sheets with dies to form holes of different shapes in one step. Due to the form from a piece of metal, there are no welds or weak points, which make its structure sounder than other type metals.

What expanded metal will be used for?

  • For protection, it with high strength used as fences, railings, guards and grills, covers.
  • For partition, used at homes, in offices and outdoors and indoors of various structures to make good use of space.
  • For decoration, used as stair and walkway railings at homes, facades, etc.
  • For screening and filtering, with accurate sizes used as screens in oil industry, sand & gravel plants and as filters in the gas vent of vehicle or drilling for oil.
  • For ventilation and heat dissipation, with larger openings used as flooring in places a high requirement on ventilation and heat dissipation, such as equipment rooms.

Main Specifications of Decorative Expanded Metal Panels

  • Product Name: Decorative expanded metal panels, expanded metal mesh
  • Material: Stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel
  • Thickness: 04mm—1.0mm, 0.8mm—1.0mm ,0.3mm—1.5mm 0.1mm—9mm
  • Aperture size: 0.5*1mm,1*2mm,1.25*2.5mm,1.5*2.5mm,1.6*3.2mm,2*3mm,3*4mm,3*5mm,3*6mm,4*8mm,5*10mm,6*12mm,8*16mm,10*20mm,12*25mm,15*30mm,etc
  • Surface treatment: Baking paint, anodic oxidation, plastic spraying, fluorocarbon spraying, etc
  • Color: Blue, green, yellow, pink, red, etc.
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