Metal Mesh Curtains

Aluminum alloy chain link curtain is also a kind of a very popular metal mesh curtain, which is made of the aluminum alloy material and processed into a hook-like shape by special processing technology. The surface of the curtain is treated by special oxidation, showing colorful colors, forming metal decorative curtains.
It has an aesthetic view, easy maintenance, strong function, vivid and strong decorative effect, and can be well integrated with building structures. Its installation is simple and fast, and its appearance is unique and elegant. Different light, different environment, different time periods, different observation angles, its visual effect is very rich, applied to various occasions and purposes, highlighting the elegant temperament, extraordinary personality, noble taste.

Main Specifications of Chain Link Curtain

  • Product Name: Chain curtain,chain fly screen,chain door fly screen,metal chain curtain,chain link curtain.
  • Material: Aluminum alloy wire.
  • Wire diameter: 0.8 mm,1.0 mm,1.2 mm,1.3 mm,1.6 mm,1.8 mm,2.0 mm,etc.
  • Hook width: 9 mm or 12 mm.
  • Hook length: 17 mm,20.4 mm,22.5 mm,24 mm and so on.
  • Curtain size: 0.8 m×2 m,0.9 m × 1.8 m,0.9 m × 2 m,1 m × 2 m,1 m × 2.1 m,etc.
  • Surface treatment: Anodized.
  • Color: Silver, black, green, blue, red, purple, golden, copper, bronze and any other colors can be customized.
  • Chain sizes: 1.5*17*9mm, 1.6*24*12mm,2.0*24*12mm,1.6*33*12mm,2.0*33*12mm.


Chain link curtain is also called aluminum chain curtain, chain fly screen. It is made of 100% aluminum materials and has excellent quality. The aluminum chain curtain has the advantages of lightweight, simple structure and convenient installation and disassembly. Nowadays, chain link curtains have become a popular decoration option for modern people, and compared with other types like chainmail curtain and metal coil curtain, chain link curtain is relatively economic.

The aluminum chain has been treated with an anodized coating on the chain surface. It supplies the curtain better resistance to corrosion, rust, and wear that shrugs off the harshest indoor environment or outdoor climatic conditions. This process allows for the wide range of colors on offer.


Each project has its own personality, so we have different density options. As a metal fabric, screens and curtains add textures and effects that other fabrics cannot achieve.

Different density options and arbitrary color surface treatment make the aluminum curtain spliced into any pattern or text.

Real Shot Aluminum Curtain Picture Display

Application Effect

Chain link curtain is not only used in the home for curtains, fly screen and decoration, but it is also widely adopted in a commercial application. It is widely used in office buildings, restaurants, and hotel space separators can be used in shopping halls, exhibition halls, and concerts wall decoration, ceiling decoration, lighting.

Chain link curtain used as a divider.

Chain link curtain used to decorate the ceiling.

Chain link curtain used to decorate wall.

Chain link drapery as a screen for room decoration.

Packing Details

The chain link curtain was rolled up and wrapped in waterproof paper or plastic film before being packed into wooden or cardboard boxes


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